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2012 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey EMPLOYEES INFLUENCING CHANGE


In the spring of 2012, OPM asked 1.6 million Federal employees to provide their perspective on the business of government, and to tell us about their experience - what they see working, and what needs to be fixed. Over 687,000 answered the call, more than twice as many as any previous survey.

For the first time since it began as the Federal Human Capital Survey, the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey attempted to reach every full- or part-time, permanent, civilian government employee, with very few exceptions. Such a large data collection presents the opportunity to get the views of employees, making this the most inclusive survey to date.

At the broadest level, employees continue to believe their work is important and are willing to contribute extra effort to get the job done. At the government-wide level, telework opportunities show a clear positive impact, with clearly higher engagement and satisfaction scores among teleworkers at all pay levels. Telework-eligible employees also grew as a population, from one out of four to one out of three Federal employees.

However, stresses on public servants - including continued tight budgets and pay freezes - are reflected in our Global Satisfaction indicator, even while more than two-thirds of employees recommend their organization as a good place to work.

At the agency level, the greater volume of responses collected this year will enable a closer look at their results. For the first time, agencies can dive deeper into their data and create customized reports. The real value in the FEVS is how it is used by agencies to improve services for the American people. I encourage managers and leaders at every agency to use the greater granularity offered in this year's report to identify and learn from successful groups within their agency.

OPM continues to work to make employee viewpoint survey information more readily available. As always, many results are available at our survey website:

On behalf of President Obama, I want to thank the many participating Federal employees for sharing their insights on the survey, and for their continued dedication and service to America.


John Berry