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2012 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey EMPLOYEES INFLUENCING CHANGE

Agency Rankings

All agencies are accountable for ensuring that the Federal Government recruits, retains, and honors a world-class workforce - one that gets things done. These rankings reflect where agencies stand on meeting that expectation.

To guide agencies in creating better working environments for their employees, OPM created the Human Capital Assessment and Accountability Framework (HCAAF). The HCAAF guides Governmentwide efforts to support agency mission results with strong human capital strategies by focusing on component systems, standards, and metrics, as required by the Chief Human Capital Officers Act of 2002. The Fedview Survey provides one source of information for evaluating success in three essential HCAAF systems. OPM's metrics for those HCAAF systems include four indices based on items in the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. The four indices are: Leadership and Knowledge Management, Results-Oriented Performance Culture, Talent Management, and Job Satisfaction.

The rankings are based on percent positive ratings of the items that make up each index. The rankings provide a reliable assessment of where agencies fall within each HCAAF index. An agency can look at the various items that comprise each index to get a richer understanding of the areas they are doing well in and areas that need improvement.

Agency Rankings and Scores by HCAAF Index

  • Leadership and Knowledge Management Index
  • Results-Oriented Performance Culture Index
  • Talent Management Index
  • Job Satisfaction Index