Unweighted Response Percentages by Question

This report contains unweighted data for each question in the 2012 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. "# of respondents" is the actual number of respondents to each question. Reported percentages and "# of respondents" for each question are based on all answers, not including "Do Not Know" and "No Basis to Judge." The questions in the survey cover eight topic areas:

My Work Experience: Questions 1-19 addresses employees' personal work experiences and providing employees with appropriate resources, working conditions, reasonable workloads, and opportunities to demonstrate their skills.

My Work Unit: Questions 20-28 address employees' opinions about their work units recruiting people with the right skills, taking steps to deal with poor performers, and sharing job knowledge.

My Agency: Questions 29-41 ask how effective the agency is at communicating organizational policies, resolving grievances, protecting employees from health and safety hazards, prohibiting illegal employment practices, and practices related to employee motivation.

My Supervisor/Team Leader: Questions 42-52 ask about the effectiveness of the agency's Supervisors and Team Leaders in performance discussions, providing suggestions to improve job performance, and showing respect.

My Leadership: Questions 53-62 ask about the effectiveness of the agency's senior managers in motivating employees, maintaining high ethical standards, communicating the goals and priorities of the organization, and supporting communication among work units.

My Satisfaction: Questions 63-71 address employee satisfaction with various aspects of their jobs, including pay, job training, opportunities for advancement, recognition for work well done, and the policies and practices of senior leaders.

Work/Life: Questions 72-84 ask employees how satisfied they are with various Work/Life programs and to describe their telework situation.

Demographics: Questions 85-98 cover employee information, such as gender and age.