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Supervisor Status Group Comparison

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Leadership, Items 53-62
Supervisor Status Group Comparison
QuestionPositive Responses
Non-SupervisorTeam LeaderSupervisorManagerExecutive
(53) In my organization, leaders generate high levels of motivation and commitment in the workforce.38.8%39.5%45.5%55.1%69.4%
(54) My organization's leaders maintain high standards of honesty and integrity.51.3%53.3%59.7%67.4%80.0%
(55) Managers/supervisors/team leaders work well with employees of different backgrounds.59.8%63.7%71.2%77.3%83.2%
(56) Managers communicate the goals and priorities of the organization.59.6%59.3%65.8%72.8%80.9%
(57) Managers review and evaluate the organization's progress toward meeting its goals and objectives.59.4%58.5%64.8%71.4%79.9%
(58) Managers promote communication among different work units (for example, about projects, goals, needed resources).49.9%51.1%58.9%68.0%77.0%
(59) Managers support collaboration across work units to accomplish work objectives.53.6%55.4%63.1%71.0%79.0%
(60) Overall, how good a job do you feel is being done by the manager directly above your immediate supervisor/team leader?55.9%55.5%60.0%66.4%75.4%
(61) I have a high level of respect for my organization's senior leaders.51.0%50.7%55.6%62.3%75.2%
(62) Senior leaders demonstrate support for Work/Life programs.52.1%52.7%57.9%63.3%73.0%